Friday, October 16, 2009

English post boxes revisited

As I have posted here before its funny that there are old English post boxes planted in random places around Ireland and are painted Green not like the English Red. I find it kind of funny for two reasons, first that they are in totally random places as you drive the back roads in the countryside .
The second reason is its amusing that they are all over the countryside with the Symbol of the English monarch on the front. Especially when an English accent in a shop or pub in certain parts of the country (ROI not Northern Ireland) would cause negative feelings towards the accent, it would go down as well as a Black man kissing White girl in Mississippi in the 1960's in public. A lot of the traces of the English rule here has been removed, even Nelson's Pillar was blown up in 1966 in O'Connell street in Dublin by the IRA, yet these little symbols appear all over the place, always thought it was like the English still thumbing their noses at us.
Anyway not sure about this first one there is no markings, just its location up a small road in Wexford about a 3 minute drive from the next one. This one was near a pub about 2 Kilometers away from the first one, up the same country road in Wexford. You might also notice that it takes the postman an hour to get between the two post boxes. This one is from 1910 onwards as its from George V rule This last one is from Laois at a Cross roads and its from Queen Victoria's reign pre 1901


Leisha Camden said...

I really love this mailbox thing. Are they really still in use, I mean, if you put some mail in them, will it be picked up?

Thanks for sharing this. :-)

Paz said...

yup the postman collects post doing his rounds, there will be more as I come across them