Saturday, October 31, 2009

Killimordaly Halloween, Samhain or all Hallows’ Eve

Today the spirits of the dead and the people from the otherworld are supposed to be walking about among the living. Somewhere in America a white witch is dancing in a forest celebrating Samhain, with a wand made from a faerie tree in Galway. This amused my Father and the lady in the local Post office when I explained the purpose. BTW the piece of branch from the faerie tree fell naturally. For some history on Halloween click here
Full moon, so all the nutters will be out too :-D

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Faerie fort Loughrea Co Galway

Fairy forts are the remains of Iron age dwellings, all that remains is the ring a mound of earth and the trees. These are said to be a gateway to the faeries otherworld and it is bad luck to cut grass or damage the circle in any way.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Watermill, Drumlish, Co. Longford

This is not a working watermill obviously, just thought it was nice.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Partry Mountains, Mayo

I took a "shortcut" through the mountains, behind Toormakeady, poor me. These pictures do not do credit to the area, somewhere I have to revisit. The "shortcut" was not that quick.
Mountain stream. A view over Toormakeady overlooking Lough Conn. A view south to north Connemara county Galway and the Maumturk mountains. Another mountain stream. You'll notice the brown stained stones, due to the peat content, also the reason that the water looks dark. This is what the bear saw when he went over the mountain, the other side, again looking south.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pontoon Bridge Mayo

I have taken pictures of here before taken in February in the fog This last one was a bit overcast but I still liked the effect

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bridge Wicklow

these were taken in Wooden bridge in county Wicklow This is the last picture taken with my fuji camera before I killed it. It was taken just before dark as the light died too! But I liked the effect.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mayo in the mist

Was busy today so only got two pictures worth showing, the first is a cottage south of Westport. Taken near Achill Sound.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bridges Kilkenny

I know I seem to have a fascination with bridges but in my defence I grew up beside a small river with a little footbridge. There is a lot of funny superstitions and folklore tied up with bridges and I grew up listening to some of those stories*.
This is Bennettsbridge Kilkenny, I thought that I might get a quick picture, but there was nothing in it from this angle. I have only kept it because of the next shot. A closeup shot, I thought that these two swans were cute, like they were hesitating at the little fall. Inistioge bridge *One of the superstitions related to bridges is that certain types of faeries cannot cross a river. A funny story related to this, there is a superstition of areas of ground called 'fóidín mearaí', these areas have been put under a spell by the faeries. When you step on this ground you loose all sense of direction and time, the faeries then could take advantage of this might lead you away.
A "true account" I read in a book of local history was of a man leaving a "visiting house" (an open house where music was played and poitin was drunk) his wife left before him and he took a shortcut to catch up with her. He walked through the 'fóidín mearaí' and woke up the next morning about 10 miles away at the foot of a bridge, because the faeries could not cross the bridge. : D

Friday, October 16, 2009

English post boxes revisited

As I have posted here before its funny that there are old English post boxes planted in random places around Ireland and are painted Green not like the English Red. I find it kind of funny for two reasons, first that they are in totally random places as you drive the back roads in the countryside .
The second reason is its amusing that they are all over the countryside with the Symbol of the English monarch on the front. Especially when an English accent in a shop or pub in certain parts of the country (ROI not Northern Ireland) would cause negative feelings towards the accent, it would go down as well as a Black man kissing White girl in Mississippi in the 1960's in public. A lot of the traces of the English rule here has been removed, even Nelson's Pillar was blown up in 1966 in O'Connell street in Dublin by the IRA, yet these little symbols appear all over the place, always thought it was like the English still thumbing their noses at us.
Anyway not sure about this first one there is no markings, just its location up a small road in Wexford about a 3 minute drive from the next one. This one was near a pub about 2 Kilometers away from the first one, up the same country road in Wexford. You might also notice that it takes the postman an hour to get between the two post boxes. This one is from 1910 onwards as its from George V rule This last one is from Laois at a Cross roads and its from Queen Victoria's reign pre 1901

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tower of Llyod and old round tower Kells, Meath

I have posted here and here about this before, but with pictures taken from the north and south and further away, so this morning I had breakfast here ,how awful for me ;-).
here are different ideas on the purpose, for some it was built as a folly at a time in Ireland to provide money for the people after the first great famine. For others as a look out tower to view the local events. The rising Sun and Birds in the background
A view looking west from the tower, the hill that you can barely see in the center beside the hedge line is witch's peak in Oldcastle. Also visible is the moon. This is a Kells Bell Tower, it is unusual in that on top there are five windows. Most old Bell towers have 4 facing the points of the compass this has 4 facing the 5 approaches to the town. I only got two quick shots this one on the west side

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Further down the line, Wexford

I normally never do Black and White pictures, somehow this picture works for some reason works this way. Maybe its somehow poetic an old man further along the line, I do not know, but I liked this shot and I only came across it when it appeared up on my screen saver.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Strongfort Castle, Galway

This is Strongfort Castle in Craughwell, Galway. Its a 15th Century Castle built by the Norman Burke/De Burgo family. The Burke family claimed ancestry to Charlemange, when they first came to Ireland they lived in Limerick. Then Richard is credited for founding Galway city in the early 1200's. As a sign of their power, there is 121 castles built by the Burkes scattered around Galway county.
This castle can now be rented out as a holiday home!
Just as I took this shot from the other side all the birds rose from the line of trees. A close up of the gate post

Friday, October 2, 2009

Quaint Cottage, Galway

I came across this restored cottage in the Kilnadeema/Leitrim hills, in a little valley. I thought it looked cute and the restoration did not look out of place, a lot of times a modern extension looks out of place to its environment. I only took two shots because its someones home and I didn't want to intrude. The old cottage with restored thatch and the obligatory dog sitting outside.