Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Old Irish Post Box, Woodenbridge Co. Wicklow

This morning as I was waiting to get into the hotel for breakfast I saw this, I am always amused with the old post boxes that can be seen in random places around the country, most of these are still in use, they are usually in places that are too small to have a post office. This is the part I find amusing look closely, part of the original has been slightly defaced with a square just on the left side of the post slot, to see why amusing see last pic Something similar to those of our neighbours across the pond who visited us for about 800 years , it was obviously cheaper in the 1920's to paint over the red English post boxes, after the neighbours finally went home. Like the English ones they still have the crown and the ER (Elizabeth Royal).


Hilðe said...

Awh, I understand why you find them fascinating! :D

Paz said...

also found out looking at the history of the post boxes that the stamps first used in the Irish freestate were English stamps with Irish free state stamped across it :)

Leisha Camden said...

That is too funny!! ITA, fascinating bit of history. :-)

Paz said...

:D, especially with the Anti English feelings in the country at the time

Anonymous said...

If it's an E R you see in Ireland
that'll be Edward V11 certainly
not Elizabeth. Also plenty of G Rs
around Wicklow from era of King George.

Paz said...

heres more for you
King George
more here