Sunday, September 27, 2009

HMS Bounty, Visits Galway

The most photographed ship in the world visited Galway this week, I only found out by accident and hadn't a camera with me*. This is one of two that was used in the 1960 movie with Marlon Brando, it was also used as one of the ships in the Pirates of the Caribbean.
These were taken with a crap mobile*.
* I fell and broke my camera, its going to cost the same price as a new camera to fix, this is the second camera lens that I broke this year. :( ....I also broke my mobile.


Hilðe said...

Oh, love it. :D

Hmm, clumsy, Paz? :o

Paz said...

slightly clumsy, but first one fell on my back on slippery wet steps, second slipped on steep bank of river both times had to let go of camera to try and save myself doing an injury. Have decided not to take up positions of war or national disaster war photo journalist. ;)

Hilðe said...


I agree on that! xD

Leisha Camden said...

lol!! Sounds like the best plan, yeah. Will you get a brand new camera, then, if repairing the old one is so expensive anyway?

Cool shots - I hope Findabair sees these ... !!

Paz said...

I am going to have a go at repairing it, trying to save money at moment. If that fails then I will buy a new one.