Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pictures of Ireland

The photo's in the video are some of my favourite pictures taken over the past year, they might not have been the best shots but they are the ones that I liked for various reasons.
I would like to say thanks to all who have visited these pages over the year, to my best contributors a big 'takkeside damer'. When I started this I did not think that would have over 6000 hits and that I would make some friends.

The Music is Luke Kelly an Irish folk Legend, in the seventies/eighties he lived a rock star life and made country meaningful to people with his choice of songs highlighting the plight of the working classes.


Hilðe said...

Some of your pics are so beautiful and interesting. :D

Keep up photographing and telling the world about all the wonderful places in Ireland! :D

Paz said...

thank you madam did I get the Norwegian OK ?

Leisha Camden said...

I second Hilde's compliments, keep up the good work. :-) It's such a wonderful thing that this project has led to more than you expected ... considering why you started it, I think it's so great that it's had such great results. It's great! :-D But seriously, I appreciate both you and your blog so much. Keep taking pictures, you're so talented!! :-)

As for the Norwegian, well, at least parts of it are correct, I think ... :-D What exactly were you trying to say, if I dare to ask? ;-)

Paz said...

Great that a few appreciate it, as for the comment it was supposed to be thanks ladies or something like that, I ran it trough a translator :(, sorry if it says something bad