Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Killimordaly Marriage stone, graveyard

This is the only marriage stone that I have found in the Republic and one of two on the island of Ireland that is publicised. They were common among the Aristocrats and those with new money. This celebrates the marriage of Teige Daly to Sisily Kelly, Teige was decendant of the Dalys mentioned in the Charter of Galway and Sicily was daughter of a Chieftan of the Kellys. If you look at the carvings there is a lot of symbolisim in the carving the plier and the pinchers used on the cross, the ladder to climb the cross, the flog used to beat Jesus, a vine of grapes, 30 marks to show the 30 pieces of silver that Jesus was sold for.
This stone was only moved back to Killimordaly in 1980 by locals Sean Connaire, Alfie Burke, Tommy Mooney and Larry Kennedy after a local historian P.J. Kennedy discovered that it was in Cloghan Castle in county Offaly. more information here
Some shots of the old graveyard in Killimordaly where the new graves rub shoulders with the old and the very old, in the shadows of the crypts and old church ruin.


Anonymous said...

Hello again,

Just to say these photos of Killimordaly are most interesting, keep up the good work.



Paz said...

Thanks, I thought these were quite common till i read up on them

Leisha Camden said...

Wow, amazing. How old is that stone?

Paz said...

I am sure that the stone is thousands of years old ;P, it was carved however for the marriage in 1624 (see the top of the stone)
I have seen this stone since I was a child but only realised how important it was when I heard that it was the reason a couple of bus tours visit it every week

gary daly said...

as a daly myself iv been researching the history ofthe family & seeing this old stone has helped me alot . Im realy proud of my heritige . I just wish the stone was protected form the weather a little better , Seeing as it brings in alot of torrist's.

Erica Wick said...

Can you tell me where the graveyard is located? I will be in Ireland soon and as a Daly I would love to see this.

Paz said...

In Killimordaly east Galway, Killimordaly means the Church of Iomar Daly. There are lots of Dalys in this area!
Co Ord 53.305669,-8.595838, Google maps