Saturday, August 22, 2009

Irish Mist, Kerry , Cork and Wexford

This is what is known in Ireland as a 'Dirty Mist', though this colloquialism would never be heard on weather reports etc. The road that I was travelling has some of the most breath taking views in Irelandmost that were shrouded in the mist. These are the mountains just south of Killarney that are some of are the most breathtaking and photographed and should look like this, they are on the Ring of Kerry and a favourite drive for tourists. Railway bridge in the mist, Cork Wexford hills just outside Wexford town.


Leisha Camden said...

Is it called 'dirty mist' because it's grey and makes things difficult to see ... ? o_O

Paz said...

Dirty more so because it seems to penetrate to the skin and also because its foggy like nature