Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Autumn evening in Kilkenny

This were taken just before sunset and the rain clouds in the East were reflecting the redness of the Sunset.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Galway landscapes and cloudscapes

There was unnatural amount of rain for this time of year in Galway this week, but then again it rains a lot, but it makes for interesting cloud & landscapes. These two shots were taken at speed so the quality is not as good as I would like but I still liked the result.

Irish Mist, Kerry , Cork and Wexford

This is what is known in Ireland as a 'Dirty Mist', though this colloquialism would never be heard on weather reports etc. The road that I was travelling has some of the most breath taking views in Irelandmost that were shrouded in the mist. These are the mountains just south of Killarney that are some of are the most breathtaking and photographed and should look like this, they are on the Ring of Kerry and a favourite drive for tourists. Railway bridge in the mist, Cork Wexford hills just outside Wexford town.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wexford Harbour

Wexford in Irish is 'Loch Garman' according to legend it got its Irish name from a young man that was lured into the mud flats by an enchantress were he was drowned by floods. However its name in English comes from its Viking founders who named it Veisafjörðr. They remained pretty much an independent town for 300 hundred years until it was put under siege by the King of Leinster with Norse allies, they eventually agreed terms. The port was a haven for privateers in the 1600's made up of Irish, Spanish and French, until Cromwell sacked the town and killed most of its inhabitants. Wexford remained a hotbed of rebellion against English rule, most notably remembered for the rising of 1978 one of the most successful risings until the Easter Rising of 1916
Part of old disintegrated dock Skyline just before sunset Some of the smaller fishing boats moored. Same boats as above viewed against what appears to be old dock area An intimate moment stolen Not sure what this structure is, probably something for docking fishing vessels A view along the pedestrian walk along the sea front This was taken in the derelict area that makes up the first few pictures.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pictures of Ireland

The photo's in the video are some of my favourite pictures taken over the past year, they might not have been the best shots but they are the ones that I liked for various reasons.
I would like to say thanks to all who have visited these pages over the year, to my best contributors a big 'takkeside damer'. When I started this I did not think that would have over 6000 hits and that I would make some friends.

The Music is Luke Kelly an Irish folk Legend, in the seventies/eighties he lived a rock star life and made country meaningful to people with his choice of songs highlighting the plight of the working classes.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Killimordaly Marriage stone, graveyard

This is the only marriage stone that I have found in the Republic and one of two on the island of Ireland that is publicised. They were common among the Aristocrats and those with new money. This celebrates the marriage of Teige Daly to Sisily Kelly, Teige was decendant of the Dalys mentioned in the Charter of Galway and Sicily was daughter of a Chieftan of the Kellys. If you look at the carvings there is a lot of symbolisim in the carving the plier and the pinchers used on the cross, the ladder to climb the cross, the flog used to beat Jesus, a vine of grapes, 30 marks to show the 30 pieces of silver that Jesus was sold for.
This stone was only moved back to Killimordaly in 1980 by locals Sean Connaire, Alfie Burke, Tommy Mooney and Larry Kennedy after a local historian P.J. Kennedy discovered that it was in Cloghan Castle in county Offaly. more information here
Some shots of the old graveyard in Killimordaly where the new graves rub shoulders with the old and the very old, in the shadows of the crypts and old church ruin.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Galway Bay in the Mist, Spiddal.

A view of Galway bay in the mist, this is the opposite side of the bay from most of the shots I took in Clare (click here), the mist hid the cliffs of Moher and shots of the Burren and the Aran Islands.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thoor Ballylee, Yeats summer home, Gort, Co Galway

This is a 16th Century Norman Tower dating from the 1500's built by the De Burgo family.
It was also the summer home of William Butler Yeats for which he paid the sum of £35 back in 1916, probably as it is near Coole Park the home of Lady Gregory whom Yeats admired. It took him 2 years to restore it to make it livable for himself and his wife Miss George Hyde-Lees whom he married a year after buying it. He dedicated the restored building to his wife who was half his age.
The tower was the inspiration for the collection of poems called 'The Tower' and featured Thoor Ballylee on its cover. The house fell into disrepair in 1929, after the couple moved out and was purchased and restored in 1965 as a Yeats Museum. While the Tower appealed to his aristocratic notions, Yeats apparently loved the relationship that the two parts of the building represented.
I the poet William Yeats
With old millboards and sea green slates.
And smithy work from the great forge,
Restored this tower for my wife George.
And may these characters remain
When all is ruin once again.
From across the little river
I pace upon the battlements and stare
On the foundations of a house, or where
Tree, like a sooty finger, starts from the earth;
And send imagination forth
Under the day’s declining beam, and call
Images and memories
From ruin or from ancient trees,
For I would ask a question of them all.
The Tower W.B Yeats