Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bogland Killimordaly

Some of wild flowers and bushes with remains of forestry in background Bog Landscape Turf, the peat in the Bog is harvested by cutting into Sods, after it starts to dry its 'footed', ie lifted off the ground so that air can pass through. Once dry its brought home for fuel.
Boxed footing More footed turf, done in different way Heather, ferns and plant life


Leisha Camden said...

Ooh, flowers, I like it. :-) And the footed turfs, that's so interesting, I've never seen that before. Thanks for sharing.

Paz said...

This was the first day with new camera, Glad you liked the footed Turf, pity that I had not captured someone 'footing' the turf. I nearly did a month back but when I pulled up the old guys I was going to get took a break.