Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tyrone Cattle,

As per a request to post the tenth photo from my first folder and tell the story by a nuisance. I don't have my laptop with me and the only folder I had was from my SD card. As the header this site says my job takes me all over Ireland, this week I am in Tyrone in Northern Ireland. When I have time I take pictures of scenery or whatever catches my eye, however I have not had much of a chance to get many pictures this week as I have been kept busy. This was taken today as I was parked today on the side of the road sipping bad coffee, looking at a traffic tail-back(caused by me). Something about this scene beside me caught my eye, I am not sure if I was going to post this, I think its missing something like an old man looking wistfully into the distance chewing a blade of grass. But my obligation has been fulfilled and a picture that would not have seen the light of day got posted!


Leisha Camden said...

Teehee, I'm a nuisance! :-D

I like this shot though - a very nice capture - although as a composition it would probably have worked better with just the one cow, the one in the middle. IMO. :-)

Paz said...

There's just no talking to Cows, I asked some of them to move on but they totally blanked me!