Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Galway city

One of the most iconic sites in Galway city is the fountain in Eyre Square, it is designed to look like the sails of a Galway Hooker. It gets its name from the Irish 'húicéir' and is unique to Galway bay, designed specifically for the sea conditions here. This used to be more of a traditional fountain but because of the habit of drunken people putting washing powder in the fountain they changed the base of the fountain during the revamp of Eyre Square. A view of the Corrib from Wolfe Tone bridge looking towards the Cathedral. On the left before the bridge is the old Bridge Mills, you can see the mill run and if you dined in the restaurant on the ground floor you can see the workings of the old mill today.
The large building in the centre is the Cathedral finished in the 1960's, it was built on the site of the old Galway prison (where a relation of my ancestors was sent a long time ago, but at that time you could get deported to Australia for stealing vegetables to feed your family). I loved this old boat when I saw it and it shows of the 'Long Walk' area of the docks in the background of the picture, the facade of the buildings has change little over the years but there are some apartment buildings that managed to spring up around them


Leisha Camden said...

Cool!! Thanks for sharing some cityscape shots too - you post so many nature scenes that I almost forget that there are cities in Ireland too. ;-)

Cool fountain. Very popular in hot weather, I'm sure. :-)

Paz said...

I generally don't like Irish architecture, one European construction magazine called Galwat Concrete City due to the over use of Square Concrete buildings. the facades of some of the older buildings like the Long walk are maintained but there are ugly Apartments behind them.