Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Castle Ruin Clonboo, Co Galway

this is a ruin of an old Castle in Clonboo, one thing I noticed was that the spiral stairs goes in an anti clockwise direction, this would make it easier to attack by right handed soldiers


Paz said...

Leisha, A pygmy shrew named Bridget lives at the base of this Castle before you ask!

Hilðe said...

Adoreable! :D Looks like a fab place for a photoshoot. :)

Paz said...

i had to hang around there for a while, awful ;D

Hilðe said...

We could switch places/lifes for a while? :D

Paz said...

yes, right now if you want and you can also take my head cold :D

Anonymous said...

Great photos as usual; I particularly like the one from the outside that shows how half of the place is covered in ivy. And again I'm amazed that it's kept in that state; looks like a wall could drop on your head any minute..

Paz said...

there are a lot of Castles like that, it would break the state to do them up, but they cannot be harmed either, that is a good thing

Leisha Camden said...

There are no restrictions on visits to the place ... ?? I wonder what would happen if someone got hurt there by falling masonry or whatever. (They better hope that that doesn't happen to an American ... ! ;-) I hope there are plenty of visitors though, otherwise it might get very lonely for poor Bridget.

My favorite pic is the one looking down the stairs - great angle. :-)

Paz said...

See the pic of the Castle you can see the 'keep out' sign. The fun police did not seem to be around so I went in.
I liked that pic too!
Bridget talks to the cattle in the field so she's not lonely

Connie McNamara said...
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Connie McNamara said...

This castle was my playground growing up - it stands across the street from my parents home
"Castle View" Park
One of the many many moon lift nights when the sky was covered with stars (and no rain)
my friends and I decided to sleep on top of it - not the entire top but 40 steps up - where there is a grass areas and lost of space to "play" room for a mattress and a sleeping bag-
The idea was a good one while it was still day light - but as the sunset and 11pm rolled around we had some unexpected guests - the bats came out and we ran-

The sleeping bag and mattress got tossed out the opening "a window" and they reached the bottom before we did-
Each time I visit home I always make a visit to the castle - and it continues to get smaller - or maybe it's my perception -
The 40 steps seem to shrink or maybe my feet grew- my body must have grown also as I no longer fit down the dungeon - the hole where as the stories goes was where the dead bodies were dropped in is covered with grass, so look out for this -

The view from there keeps changing - more homes are being built - the Boreen never widens- "sure what's harm as Mack would say”
The land does belong to a neighbor but if you can climb the gate fell free to check it out for yourself. You may be greeted by horses or cows- I believe its becomes the home for the cows in the winter-

In my 40 something years (and many of those climbing the castle in it traditional way up the steps or the creative way up through what was like a chimney where we would climb using our back and legs to get us there- ) I have never heard of anyone hurting themselves or loose rocks falling on them -

There is a sign to be careful of loose rocks so that may have changed over the past 10 years - If you visit enjoy it and if you can down the dungeon you must be small and young

It was a great playground- and still a great place to visit

Stop off at REGANS of CLOMBOO on your way home, for a pint, a bite to eat, I have been seen there at 2am eating desert jelly and ice cream or sweet cake - as Miko would be making the tea and made sure we had something nice to go along with it- Eileen was smart and would have gone to bed at a more reasonable time- tell them i said “hello"