Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lockes Distillary, Kilbeggan, Co Westmeath.

This is the last remaining example of a still pot distillery in Ireland, it ran for 200yrs 1757 to 1957, it was restored in 1982 by the locals as a museum. read the history here.


Anonymous said...

That was quite a different subject from what you usually post about (no nature and no castles and no run-down buildings!). But interesting as usual, and I love that old-fashioned industrial look with the tall chimney and the water wheel. Also, cool to read that Ireland has what claims to be the oldest licensed distillery in the world.

(Mmmm, whiskey... *goes off to beg the boyfriend for a glass of something from his stores* Though hopefully you'll not be very insulted if I say I prefer the Scottish variety? ;P )

Paz said...

I loved the old fashioned feel of it too, I also noticed that their claim of the being the oldest distillery is in commas, so maybe it isn't really.
In whiskey's I prefer Jack Daniels so am not offended, and I like a good scotch too.
Why do you have to beg BF for a drink? has he to hide it from you ;P

Anonymous said...


Have I spent a little too much time in Irish pubs you mean? ;P

No, it's just that it's his, since he was the one who paid for it, and quite expensive it was, too :) So I feel he should decide when we drink it.

Leisha Camden said...

I agree, different but interesting.

It's sad that this place is no longer in operation ... but at least it's been preserved for future generations. A museum in a place like that sounds really cool, I'd like to see that. :-)

Paz said...

I thought it was a nice idea to turn it into a museum, there is another in Cork and Guinness has a museum I have passed by this place hundreds of times but there was never parking, the town was bypassed and now there is parking, I took this on thurs with the Tyrellspass one but wanted to do something different for 100th post