Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kiltullagh Killimordaly, Sunset

This is the old forge in Kiltullagh where the last blacksmith named Murphy worked his trade it was done up a few years ago under a government scheme, the one below it was taken just down the road. The last one is the Faerie tree in Cloonshecahill.


Paz said...

Leisha, before you ask, a badger with OCD lives here and cannot go out the front door without first counting the foil wrappers of chocolate bars he collects, once he gets out he then cannot enter until he walks 3 times clockwise backwards around it, this takes up so much of his day, so he has little time for hunting, so he lives of chocolate bars bought in the shop across the road and this only adds to the problem!

Leisha Camden said...

OCD you say?? How odd, I cannot possibly imagine what that must be like ... ! ;-)

Mmmm, chocolate ...

Leisha Camden said...

Beautiful pictures, btw. Seriously ... fantastic. The colors in the sky in the two bottom ones ... WOW. But is there supposed to be a huge empty gap at the bottom of the post, or am I the only one seeing that?

Paz said...

you have OCD?? I know everyone has to some level,
thks for the comment, as for the blank space should be gone now, bet you are using windows explorer, I use firefox and forgot to check the html

Leisha Camden said...

I don't think I have OCD, but some of my friends claim they disagree ... ! ;-)

Yes, I use IE.

Anonymous said...

Did the blacksmith really work the old-fashioned way up until a few years ago? That's amazing - and so sad that he had to stop.

Paz said...

Time in Ireland is relative, In the context of other things in the post it was a few years, not in my lifetime 35yrs maybe the 50's 60's it closed, I will get more details. We had a pony as a pet, when i was a kid that was a former working horse of my grandfather, he died an amazing age for a pony, so there were older people still working horse, and Irish still have great racehorses.

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