Friday, January 30, 2009

Galway clouds

There was this fantastic short film made in the 1980's that has stuck with me since I saw it, it was called 'All in a summer day' it was a sci-fi that was set on planet Venus where none of the kids have ever seen a fine day, but every seven years there is 15 minutes of Sun, one girl that moved there from Earth remembers the sun, she gets bullied and locked in a closet on the day the sun appears, all the other kids go outside and run and prance about in the sun forgetting the little girl, she sadly lets the crack of light that makes its way into the closet play across her hand. When it starts to rain and they go back inside they remember her and feel guilty, one throws one of the rare flowers that blooms in the 15 minutes. On days like today with the rainy Irish weather we get, I am reminded of this film and just wait like this shot for the 15 minutes of sun.


Leisha Camden said...

I remember that movie, it's soulcrushing. It's based on a short story which I've read and which is even more depressing ... I think it's by Ray Bradbury. Beautifully written but absolutely soul-destroying.

Beautiful cloud pictures, though. :-)

Paz said...

when you get as much rain as we do here, its more of a positive vibe, wow 15 minutes of sunshine :D
it was Ray Bradbury

Leisha Camden said...

Yes, it's positive in and of itself ... but the girl in the story doesn't get to see the sun, that's what's so sad. She never gets to see it and she's the only one who knows beforehand how glorious it truly is, so she's the only one who really looks forward to it. :-(

Anonymous said...

We read that story at school; soulcrushing seems to cover what I thought about it. Didn't know there was a film made of it; that's something I'd like to see one day.

Great photos, the colours in particular; love the way the clouds are almost silvery.

Paz said...

I liked the way the clouds were going across the sky that day