Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bunratty Castle, Co Clare

This is Bunratty Castle one of the west of Ireland's biggest landmarks as it runs close to the National route between Shannon Airport and Kerry. Bunratty translated from the Irish language is bottom of the Ratty, which is the river that runs beside it. the area was first settled by the Vikings around the year 1000, the castle was built in 1270 and was later came into the De Clare family, Richard De Clare was defeated in 1318in the Bruce wars by the O'Briens and was sacked and burned. It was restored for the king of England in 1332 and was once again attacked and razed by Irish Chieftain's under the control of the O'Briens and McNamara's. It was rebuilt again in 1353 and the Irish attacked it again but this time did not burn it down and it remained in the O'Briens control until 1646 when the owner Barnaby O'Brien fled to England for his protection. The house eventually fell into disrepair until Lord Gort brought and restored it and it became a leading attraction with a folk village showing how people lived in older times.


Leisha Camden said...

Gorgeous building and interesting slice of Irish history. Thanks for sharing.

Can one get inside the building and look at the interiors too, or is it closed to the public? If the former, I would love to see a little bit of what the interior looks like. Hint hint ... *cough* ...

Paz said...

It is open to the public, I took one of the tours when I was in school and it is interesting, the show from the dungeons up to the top, the folk village is also interesting on the grounds.
I would have ventured inside, but I do have to work for a living, luckily I get to pass by these places.