Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bevy of Mute Swans Brackloon-Cloonshecahill

I posted earlier on a Swan, that swam all alone along the Dunkellin river after his* mate died, while this is not a great pic taken with my new phone (which has a 5 megapixal camera but a crap zoom for closeups), he has got buddies YAY. *While I was never sure if it was male or female I joked with a friend that he had to be male, because like a lot of men who have lost a loved one he hung around all day drinking. So in my head he was always a Cob.


Leisha Camden said...

This update! Right! :-)

He's got friends, that's wonderful. It was so sad when you posted about him before. Thanks for sharing this. :-)

Paz said...

Today was a miserable wet cold day here, I had to work on my house and hate doing so on such a wet day and there was a break in the rain and I saw this and decided to get the shot besides waiting before they go again, it also cheered me up

Leisha Camden said...

Yeah, I can imagine that. :-)