Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunset Cloonshecahill

I have posted pictures of this Faerie tree before here and here, read below how the faeries got there(readers digest version). 
The Tuatha De Dannan were semi gods and the representation of civilization and culture, their last battle was against the Mileseans or followers of Mil Espaine (soldier of Spain), these were not Spanish but Celts that had traveled through Europe to the Iberian peninsula and were of Mils tribe. He was foretold that he would be King of Ireland and he defeated the Tuatha De Dannan, As part of the truce they agreed that Ireland would be divided up between them and it was the task of the Mileseans to divide the country. In a clever stroke they partitioned such that the Mileseans would have domain over the ground and the Tuatha de Dannan would have all that is underground. After the battle as part of the terms of surrender they had to go to the otherworld, each Tuath de Dannan chief got his own mound. Obviously a small chief got this one :) Now the boring bit, Recently it has been proven using DNA that the first people to land on the Island of Ireland were not from the nearest landmass England, but from the Basque region and the DNA traits along the western coast of Ireland which was less diluted than in the east is similar to that from the Basque region. So there is some truth buried in the Myth.


Leisha Camden said...

Ooh, nice. I love the colors in the sky at sunset.

Findabair said...

Wow! Perfect timing on that one, the way the sun shows just between the trees :)

Paz said...

I loved the colours too!
I have waited approx 10yrs to get that shot!! no BS, I still have to get a shot of sunrise on/under the footbridge :(
Glad ye liked it