Thursday, December 4, 2008

Frost and Fog County Offaly.

Someone teased me about having 2 postings of one object. Here is the same scene taken over the space of an hour or so. I liked the silhouette of the trees against the fog and the frosted ground. These were taken near Bluebell cross in Offaly yesterday.


Findabair said...

They're not edited at all? Wow - love the colours!

It looks cold, though. *brrr*

Paz said...

ironically its on the Birr road, pronounced 'BRRR' :)

Leisha Camden said...

Hey! I didn't tease! I really want to see that tree with snow on it. Bwaah!!

Paz said...

If we get Snow I don't travel :(, so no pictures :(, we get such little snow here I could be waiting a while to get the shot.
Sorry so used to sarcasm, I thought you were teasing.