Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kiltullagh County Galway

This is an unusual piece in that it is a rest for a coffin, as in when people are carrying a coffin on their shoulders. It is on the route from the Church in Kiltullagh to the graveyard. I have not seen similar anywhere else and this is particularly personal to me as my late Father was one of the guys who restored this.
As can be seen in the picture the little road is only a local access road, but it used to be part of the regional road network when the English Landlords were in charge. This route was bypassed when the local landlord Daly, was embarrassed to pass in front of the priests house when he was going visiting his mistress, so he built a road through a turlough* so he would not be seen!
*Turlough is land that floods in winter or with a lot of rain.


Leisha Camden said...

Oh, wow! That is amazing. I've never seen that before. A wonderful 'invention'. :-)

Paz said...

we are a lazy yet innovative people! :D