Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fourknocks passage grave


This is a compilation of pictures from an earlier post and a video of the view from the top of the passage grave.


Leisha Camden said...

Great video, thanks for sharing. The music's Enya, right? This place looks so interesting ... the back story of it was fascinating too ... it was great seeing this. :-)

Paz said...

Music is Clannad, Enya's estranged family, sorry no offers here ;P

Findabair said...

*wipes away a tear*

Perfect fit of music+pictures! (And people wonder why I think Ireland's so interesting..!!)

I <3 Clannad... And Theme from Harry's Game will always remain one of their very best songs (which is saying something in my opinion).

By the way, the video reminds me of a book called The Hunter's Moon by Orla Melling. Recommended, if you haven't already read it - one of my favourite books, and the source of my internet name :)

And you're not a fan of Enya? :-O I bought her Christmas album just yesterday in fact. (I have most of her albums as well as Clannad's. Wish I could see the whole family perform together some day, but I guess that's not likely to happen.)

Paz said...

never said I didn't like Enya, just highlighting the reason for the similarity, she used to be part of Clannad(all her family), then she went her own way, her producers live with her is a castle in Dublin and communicate to the world for her (according to newspapers here), apparently she is estranged from her family and has not spoken to them in a long time tho' there was no split
the "no offers here" is a cheeky joke that Ms Camden is rewarding comments on her blog :D

Findabair said...

"the "no offers here" is a cheeky joke that Ms Camden is rewarding comments on her blog :D"

Oh, I see :D

As far as I've heard from here, they just went their separate ways, yeah. I've been listening a lot to Enya and the solo work of her sister Moya/Máire Brennan the last couple of days, and their voices just seem to fit so perfectly well together - that's what made me think I'd love to hear them together some day.

Enya seems like quite a character (well, she's Irish after all ;P ). I think I read an interview with her once where she said she thought it was unladylike to eat in the street. That's when I realised I'm never going to be a lady :D

Paz said...

:D I have also put a disclaimer on my comments in her last post so ye Norwegians wont think that I am a gjerrigknark/gnier.
Damnit Janet I can ever be a lady either!

Findabair said...

Lol!! Paz, you surprise me..!! ;D

Leisha Camden said...

This is probably sacrilege, but I have to say it: Enya, Clannad, same difference. ;-)

Paz, I think you've got the wrong end of the stick - it's not that I'm rewarding comments. But I have to ask people to leave a comment on that post if they are interested in participating in the giveaway, otherwise how will I know that they are interested?

I know it must come as a shock and a disappointment to you to hear this, but I am not clairvoyant ... :-(

Findabair said...

Paz is not a lady and Leisha isn't clairvoyant - what shocking revelation will come next??

(And Paz, I promise to stop spamming your comments now! :)

Paz said...

Leisha next you say you dont walk on water :(
Findabair spam away funny the way the comments go at time :)

Leisha Camden said...

Of course I can walk on water!!

I did it last winter and there's no reason to suppose I won't be doing it again this winter.

Paz said...

Clever madam, you win