Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fourknocks passage grave

I had time to go back to Fourknocks passage grave north of The Naul and west of Stamullen it is 5000 yrs old and was excavated in the 50's. I had posted on this already in fourknocks passage grave babies but had not gone into the grave . This grave shows the types of Irish art from the period and are similar to the designs on stones in Newgrange but its cooler as you get to spend more than 15minutes in it. Could not find anything on the web to verify the story a local told me about the grave, the story told to me was that babies that were not fit got killed and burned in this grave. As I posted in another place these passage graves are tied in with Irish mythology and the era of the Tuatha De Dannan. The graves are dedicated to the Gods of the Tuatha and became the retreat underground of the Tuatha after they were defeated. They were the ancestors of the faeries, or what the Americans call Leprechauns. A point to note the last 3 images show snaps of the carving that is supposed to have the representation of a face, the last is the artists drawing of the representation. NB there have to be better pictures out there of this passage grave, I had only a torch and shot all these on night mode with flash so forgive me.


Findabair said...

Gah, this is the place you posted about before that you can't get to without a car, isn't it?! *sigh*

Those patterns on the rocks are amazing - so detailed! I could use a a time machine as well - would love to go back and find out what significance the patterns had for the people who made them :) Thanks for posting this!

Paz said...

If you get over here I will bring you to it, if you cant get a way to it, not too far from Dublin airport, I was working there today and made a detour on the way yesterday evening, was going to mail you cause you said you were interested in it.