Friday, November 28, 2008

Dineen Bridge, County Kilkenny

This bridge is just north of Kilkenny on the Ballyragget road on a sunny winters day today


Findabair said...

Oh wow - I love the way the landscape behind the bridge is perfectly framed in the circle of the bridge span and its reflection!

Paz said...

Was lucky with the picture and the weather and that I had some time to kill in that area

Findabair said...

I hope time was the only thing you were killing? :-o

(Somehow I only noticed the killing part and not that the thing to be killed was time when I first read you comment :)

Middle Child said...

Thanks for visiting my Quick Whipped up faeries blog. I can't really draw but I used to sit up in bed beside my husband who was often ill and stuck in bed because of Quadriplegia and balancing all on my knees would just start with the eyes...for me it was like it stilled things. He wanted me to make a card series which I will after I complete a very important task.

I had a look at your daery tree...and then the photos...will have to come back and have a longer look. My people came from Boa Island in fermanagh, and Tipperary, during the Famine years, a long time ago but find myself still after this time loyal to the Irish after my own country (Australia)

There are places near the Barrington Tops where Mum grew up that look so much like some of the photos...something, even though it gets hellishly hot in summer. I think that may be why the Scots and Irish settled that area above and beyond the Pommie settlers.

Middle Child said...

Crap, I just re read my post...I can't type for quids...hope its understandable