Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mary Wards Kiltulla Galway,

this is Mary Wards in Kiltulla, not only is it a postcard looking pub it has one of the nicest pints of Guinness in Galway. It is a real old fashioned place stone floors, open fires. I know that we are portrayed as an alcoholic bunch, but the social side of the local bar in the country side is very important.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. My Dad was from Kiltulla and this photo brought back happy memories. Opposite the pub a telephone exchange I think.
thank you
Seán (Wiltshire)

jbyrnes said...

My mum's family also came from this area. We still own a plot nearby. I have known the name of this pub my whole life as stories got told at family reunions. Nice to see it. Good work.

Paz said...

Its great that it is kept the way it is, thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

In 1979 or was it 1980, we stayed in in Kiltullagh. Two lad's and a girl on or way to Galway and Connemara on old bikes and putting our tents by the river, we tried to fish it. On two or three evenings we went to the pub and enjoyed the warm hospitality of the pub with the strange name: "bward", before we went to sleep in our cold and damp tents. I also remember an emotional farewell in the pub when we told we were leaving the next morning.

Unknown said...

B Wards stands for Brian Ward, who is a son of Mary Ward the first one of the pub. It was then run by shara Ward (a sister of Brian) and then run by Bernedet (Benny) Collins but let it out to a local while still owning it up until now as she passed away recently and will be passed on to her son Kevin Collins.