Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Clones to Monaghan

Patrick Kavanagh wrote about Monaghan "O stony grey soil of Monaghan the laugh from my love you thieved; You took the gay child of my passion and gave me your clod-conceived". I read this poem "stoney grey soil" and the book "Tarry Flynn" when I was in school. In his poems you could see feel inner conflict with his mind fighting with his environment, the weather here has not helped me shake his view of the scenery along the route, It was too wet to get pictures of the lake along the route and has been generally depressing, but I'm sure if the weather was different I would have a different opinion. This bridge looks like it used to be on the route between Monaghan town and Clones but now lies abandoned, the track of the road has been ploughed into the fields and this is all that remains. Foal playing peek-a-boo in the long grass just outside Monaghan town.


Leisha Camden said...

This time I won't have to ask if anyone lives in that house ... ;-)

Paz said...

A tramp named Dryfuss lives there 3 days a week.

Leisha Camden said...