Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Two Bridges in Louth old V new

There was a new bridge built over the M1 motorway bypassing Drogheda, it is quite cool, but down the road on the way to Slane there is this old Metal bridge that I have not seen to many examples of as road bridge.
A view of the new bridge through the metalwork of the old bridge
The old metal bridge over the Boyne
A view of the New bridge from the old bridge road. The road is known as the Oldbridge road and passes underneath the new one
A another view of the new bridge along the oldbridge road.
This is the Boyne canal that flows between the two bridges. It is being done up so won't look as natural as this in a few months


Leisha Camden said...

New pictures, yay!! :-)

These bridge photos are really good. Excellent use of 'found shapes' to create a striking image.

Paz said...