Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mayo Nephin and Nephin Beg

All these pictures were taken on the road from Castlebar to Bellmullet. Along the drive the Nephin beg mountain range go along the 36 + km along the left side, the Nephin mountain is on the right The Nephin mountain behind this hill, but the rain has most of it hidden. This is the other side of the hill, just before it started to rain. This is Nephin Mountain that was hidden in the first picture, this was taken about 6km away looking south. A shot Nephin beg range halfway along the drive. a little dock on the lake for the fishing boats This is the last shot of the Nephin range taken today.


celtic8632 said...

Lovely pictures.
Can i just ask does nephin mountain roughly translate to nathan mountain because i was told it does and i want to know if thats correct. If you can help could you please leave it in the comments box and i will keep checking. Thanks and thanks if you can help.
Again really nice pictures.

Paz said...
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Paz said...

thanks for the comment, glad you liked the pictures. I cannot find a translation for the name Nathan in Irish to see is it similar to the Irish for Nephin, which is Néifinn meaning 'sanctuary', The meaning of Nathan means 'God has given', so i looks unlikely what you were told is true. Sorry if this is not the answer you wanted.