Monday, September 1, 2008

Lismore again

Got more time to explore Lismore today so I headed west along the Blackwater this time, see my earlier blog on the history etc, it is a beautifull place. This picture is what Lismore is all about to outsiders. Lismore is famous for the Castle and the Fishing, just nice to catch the guy casting off at the foot of the Castle. To locals this week its all about the All Ireland Hurling Final and their local hero (also National legend) Dan Shanahan. This is the bridge not sure when it was built but it makes a nice photo
I liked the contrast of the little cottage across the river from the big castle. This is the spot where the fishermen have their lunches, not a bad view on a nice day to have lunch after fishing.
Its not often in Ireland that you get to get a nice picture with a reflection. It's either too breezy or wet.
again the castle,
this is further up along the river behind the Golf Club
This is a little inlet from the river


Anonymous said...

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Leisha Camden said...

Great photos!! I love the one with the huge castle in the background and the little 'normal' house in the foreground - a lovely contrast. :-)

Oh, and I'll have to let a friend of mine know about this blog - she's Norwegian too but she loves Ireland and has been there several times, most recently last month. So expect another visitor from Oslo. :-)

Pasifik said...

overall, i like your pictures. it's so natural. after i read your profile then i know you are possibly take beautiful pictures out there when you do your business.



fennymun said...

lovely photos. Now, I have to start planning my next holiday to Ireland, maybe....