Sunday, September 7, 2008

Last of Mayo this week

Here again on the road between the Nephin mountain and the Nephin Beg range I liked the different colour combinations from the different plants with the dead one in the middle Black faced sheep was sitting here on the little hill, watching the world go by a view of the nephin beg range from the northern end looking across the bog 'footed' turf in the foreground looking north east towards Crossmolina, the turf is put standing to dry it out so it can be brought home. not sure what the hills are in the background. Another view of the lake near Beltra. looking across at the nephin beg range. Looking at the Nephin Beg range around the mountain ash with red berries A view of a little hill at the foot of the Nephin mountain The turf in small 'reeks' ready to be bought home, the Nephin Beg range in the background.

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Leisha Camden said...

That picture of the lake is absolutely beautiful.

You're really making me want to go to Ireland. ;-)