Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clare coast Castle's om the Burren

I am having problems loading pictures, I will post other photo's of the Burren and the castles when I get it figured.
This is Gleninagh near the village of Ballyvaughan in Clare, it is a 15th or 16th style centuary home , this one was the home of the O'Loughlin's This ruin is further along towards Galway near the village of Bellharbour


Leisha Camden said...

'Homey' is not perhaps the first word that springs to mind ... ;-)

Paz said...

There was a lot of waring going on in Ireland at the time, The English decided to visit and overstayed their welcome about 800 years, so the gentry had to fortify all of their homes, poor dears.
But a few throw rugs, some occasional furniture and a wide screen tv the places would look ok. :-)