Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Burren -County Clare

The Burren in Clare and parts of south Galway is unique in its sculpture, its landscape is a result of the end of the ice age where the Glaciers as they moved they both deposited the rock and carved out the terrain, some of the plantlife found here is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. Along with it being carved out it has also been weathered by the Atlantic gales for the past few thousand years Looking out across Galway Bay to the moutains of Connemara in Galway


Leisha Camden said...

The middle one looks almost like lava. :-o Cool.

Paz said...

I have better pics (I think) but am having trouble getting pics to load, the place is kinda surreal as its devoid of colour, thanks for comment madam

Anonymous said...

(Aaah, I wanna go back to Ireland..!)

Thank you for these - I *love* the Burren, it's such a cool landscape. I have driven through or past the Burren, but sadly with no opportunity to stop and go outside - am definitely going to do that some day.