Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Burren Clare

Due to the urgings of a pesky Norwegian I have update this so thanks to Leisha for the update This is the ruin of Leamaneh castle on the Kilfenora to Corofin road in Clare. It was built 1480 and was allegedly the home of the Turlogh Donn one of the last High Kings of Ireland a direct descendant of Brian Boru, it was surrendered to the English in 1548. It was owned by Conor o Brian and his wifey Red Mary (infamous trollop). Eventually went to ruin. This is a Turlough in Carran in Clare, usually in the summer this would be dry, but because of the rain we have had here for the summer there is water. A Turlough is a temporary lake or pond, in this area there is no drainage as there is just a sheet of rock underneath. As you drive along parts of this area you can see the water pipes, they could not bury them due to the rock. Here is a view of a hill on the Burren where it meets good land. I liked the contrast.


Leisha Camden said...

Lovely colors in the bottom two photos. Looks like crips autumn weather. :-)

Too bad you didn't find out anything about the house - it would have been interesting to learn how long it was in use. Ie, when the last inhabitants left it.

If you ever go back that way again, you know what to do ... ;-)

Leisha Camden said...

Crisp autumn weather, of course. Stupid typo. >:-(

Growl, grumble, et cetera.

Paz said...

see updated blog, in the words of Stewie Griffen "damn you vile woman" :-P

Leisha Camden said...

Cool, thank you. Guess I'm leaving my mark on your blog too. ;-)