Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Burren and more Castles on the Clare coast

When ice melts rocks are sometimes left standing in unusual positions. Between the rocks and where the limestone has been weathered little plants grow, some of the plants here cannot be found anywhere in the world. pity the weather was so bad this summer I might have gotten better shots Where i parked to venture onto the Burren, you can see the cliffs of Moher in the background. not sure who made this or what its intention was If you open this picture or even look closely see the woman with the white robes waving down. She is not a ghost but someone that was attending an event at this castle An old house that is just down the road from the castle, this one is close to the sea and there is no wind break, must have been bleak in the winter. More views of the burren

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Leisha Camden said...

This is what I'd call a striking landscape.

Bleak, but still beautiful ... just a subtle kind of beauty that it takes a little effort to appreciate.