Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kilcullen Kildare

Bridge is just north of Kilcullen county Kildare

Killimorday and New Inn Galway

A Picture of horse's on the Dunkellin River that flows through Killimordaly, A Gatehouse to Woodlawn wood near the village of New Inn.

Obelisk/lookout tower Stamullen

This is the view from the hill north of the Naul and west of Stamullen village, on a clear day it is possible to see 100's of km to the North to the Antrim mountains This is the view west, the mountains are hill of Kells Oldcastle and Cavan, The pictures to the south and east were not great because of rain.
I am not sure if this is an Obelisk or a lookout tower like the tower of Loyd in Kells, used to look across the plains of meath.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fourknocks passage grave & stories of burned Babies Stamullen Meath

This is a small passage grave near Stamullen and it is called Fourknocks, but its name comes from Irish Fuair(cold) Cnoc(hill) in English sounds like four knocks. This one is unusual in that it has a lot of stone carvings for such a small passage grave.

There was an interesting story told to me by a local that they burned babies here, yes you read they allegedly burned babies inside the mound. According to some locals the practice was to burn infants that had disease. This is not verified but according to some locals this is the tradition, but could be more to discredit the pagans

I had not time to get into the tomb, but there is an image on the outside of one of the carvings that depict a face, this is the only example of this time of a representation of a face as all other Irish carvings from the period were curvlinear (learned that in school ). 
Here is the mound you can see in comparison to the 4 foot fence that it is not that high, it is possible to go and see this one but you have to get a key and have it returned before 6. I hadn't the time to do this damnit. Looks so peacefull, all I was thinking is burning babies!
See comment below there are tours between here and the Naul.

Newgrange county Meath

Newgrange monument is older than the pyramids at Giza and older than the standing stones of Stonehenge, it was built around 3000 BC or a few hundred years older. It is a passage grave that is built in such a way that when the sun rises on the winter Solstice it pass through a long passageway and illuminates the floor in the central chamber. It is thought to be a grave and remained hidden for 4000 years until it was found in the 1700's(it was only found when people thought that they could quarry stone from the hill). This is like our Valley of the kings, there are a lot of burial mounds spread out over the valley "Bru na Boinne", new grange is the most impressive. This is a shot of Newgrange from the road as you come to the visitor centre, if you look at the foreground of the picture you can see the mound of a smaller grave, you can see evidence of more from the newgrange site This is a shot taken on the site. the stone is not painted white it was quarried miles away. the entrance can be seen here. the entrance to the passage, the steps are to protect the carved stone at the entrance. A closer shot of the entrance stone, the spiral design is thought to be a form of writing though no one is sure. In the background you can see the window above the door is where the sun comes in on the winter solstice. one of the many large rocks that form the base of the monument, if you open the picture you can see a design on this rock too. Many of the rocks had designs carved into them. Pictures are not allowed on the inside of the passage, there are hollowed out rocks where they have found remains of at least five people and the ash of cremations. There is also a lot of graffiti carved onto the stones by the people who visited the tomb in the 17 & 1800's.

Two Bridges in Louth old V new

There was a new bridge built over the M1 motorway bypassing Drogheda, it is quite cool, but down the road on the way to Slane there is this old Metal bridge that I have not seen to many examples of as road bridge.
A view of the new bridge through the metalwork of the old bridge
The old metal bridge over the Boyne
A view of the New bridge from the old bridge road. The road is known as the Oldbridge road and passes underneath the new one
A another view of the new bridge along the oldbridge road.
This is the Boyne canal that flows between the two bridges. It is being done up so won't look as natural as this in a few months

Burren Clare

Due to the urgings of a pesky Norwegian I have update this so thanks to Leisha for the update This is the ruin of Leamaneh castle on the Kilfenora to Corofin road in Clare. It was built 1480 and was allegedly the home of the Turlogh Donn one of the last High Kings of Ireland a direct descendant of Brian Boru, it was surrendered to the English in 1548. It was owned by Conor o Brian and his wifey Red Mary (infamous trollop). Eventually went to ruin. This is a Turlough in Carran in Clare, usually in the summer this would be dry, but because of the rain we have had here for the summer there is water. A Turlough is a temporary lake or pond, in this area there is no drainage as there is just a sheet of rock underneath. As you drive along parts of this area you can see the water pipes, they could not bury them due to the rock. Here is a view of a hill on the Burren where it meets good land. I liked the contrast.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kilconnell Galway

Here are a few Pics of Kilconnell Friary, it was a franciscian monastery in the 15th centuary being established in 1414 all of this building was completed by 1500 with the exception of two small chapels.

Burren and more Castles on the Clare coast

When ice melts rocks are sometimes left standing in unusual positions. Between the rocks and where the limestone has been weathered little plants grow, some of the plants here cannot be found anywhere in the world. pity the weather was so bad this summer I might have gotten better shots Where i parked to venture onto the Burren, you can see the cliffs of Moher in the background. not sure who made this or what its intention was If you open this picture or even look closely see the woman with the white robes waving down. She is not a ghost but someone that was attending an event at this castle An old house that is just down the road from the castle, this one is close to the sea and there is no wind break, must have been bleak in the winter. More views of the burren

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clare coast Castle's om the Burren

I am having problems loading pictures, I will post other photo's of the Burren and the castles when I get it figured.
This is Gleninagh near the village of Ballyvaughan in Clare, it is a 15th or 16th style centuary home , this one was the home of the O'Loughlin's This ruin is further along towards Galway near the village of Bellharbour

The Burren -County Clare

The Burren in Clare and parts of south Galway is unique in its sculpture, its landscape is a result of the end of the ice age where the Glaciers as they moved they both deposited the rock and carved out the terrain, some of the plantlife found here is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. Along with it being carved out it has also been weathered by the Atlantic gales for the past few thousand years Looking out across Galway Bay to the moutains of Connemara in Galway

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cloonshecahill - Brackloon Mute Swan all alone

This is a mute swan and has swam alone the last year along the Dunkellin river between Brackloon and Cloonshecahill. Mute swans mate for life, this swans mate and offspring were killed last year, so it now is all alone. It used to migrate but has remained guarding its territory. I have seen it many times but today was the first time that I got a picture

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cavan -Lough Gowna area

This series of pics were taken in the lough Gowna region of Cavan there are a lot of small lakes and narrow roads around this area.
This is just North of Lough Gowna Village I liked this shot because of the old farmhouse you can see in the middle, you might have to open the picture up. These last set were taken at a small lake east of the village just before sunset