Thursday, August 28, 2008

Waterford Knockmealdown Mountains

I was driving on the road between Lismore and Clogheen and saw a little bridge, there was not a lot to see from the road. but there looked like a footpath so I decided to have a look and saw this lovely little valley that was hidden from the road. There is a lot of lovely views on this road, it is signposted as "the Vee", but unfortunately it was overcast, the tops of the mountains did not look that great with cloud cover. I liked this shot with the heather and different types of plants framing the little mountain stream, the awful thing about this stream was a lot of plastic bags and rubbish that got carried downstream. Its a pity that people dump their sh!t in scenic area's. This picture does not have all the heather that the other picture has but the rocks have a purple tint. This is a shot from the ditch on the side of the road as you can see there is little sign of the little valley. The heather and the bushes hide the Valley. This is the little valley that the little stream has carved out, either the stream gets more powerful with a lot of rain during the winter or it has taken a long time to cut this out. I know its only cutting through clay but its pretty nice.

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JeaneBee said...

My Irish friend often tells me how beautiful her Ireland is, but I didn't realize HOW beautiful. Your photos are outstanding! I will forward your blog to her...she will be thrilled.

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