Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lismore Waterford

I put up a post this afternoon when I thought I would be leaving the the heritage town of Lismore, I explained that this castle belongs to the dukedom of Devonshire and has been in that family since the 1750's, they unlike a lot of English landlords were great benefactors to the local community in the past especially during the famine and even today continue to develop the area with arts etc. Here again is Lismore Castle, I was told by some of the locals that the Duke of Devonshire gave the castle and the grounds to his son as a wedding present. Some people complain about getting hand-me-down wedding presents I don't thinks he will complain about this one. It sits overlooking some of the most beautiful scenery in this side of the country, the Knockmeldown mountains. It also has good fishing. This is the bridge that the previous picture was taken from. There is a nice drop from the walkway to the bank , the only people who brave this slippery walk to the bank is the fly fishermen, this was taken at sunset from the spot where the fly fishers cast off Again this is the Castle taken further down the river, there is a nice walk down the river Blackwater. There is a nice walk down by the banks (once you pass the water treatment plant). This was a shot of the Castle from the other side of the river, when i was walking back to the hotel I saw a little roadway beside the old mill, otherwise there is a huge drop from the side of the bridge. This is just one views from the walk along the river, it is worth the longish walk to get the view of the castle along the river, there is about a 30 foot drop down to the river at this point which is not clear from this picture.


Anonymous said...

haha thanks for the advice on my creeper status=) and omg, these pictures are awesome! no joke, they look like from that movie, camelot, ya kno? only cooler cuz they're legit! im really jealous of yr job;)

pfiddle said...

I live 2mls from Lismore Castle. These photos are soooooo true even I was amazed at the accuracy of 'em.
I LOVE the fact that the photographer describes the shot, circumstance and especially the the additional stuff like - there's a 30' drop you (one) can't see- great.
I've stuff on my "localphotos" on picasa or my web; but these ARE stupendous. So lifelike.
Peter (pfiddle)

Paz said...

thanks for the comment Lismore is a beautiful place, I hope you liked the other pics of the area and the mountains on the other posts. It was a pity that I could not get pics of Cappaquin or your road as there are lovely views along the way with the river flowing alongside. Hopefully will be working near there in the future

Christina V said...

Oh My!! Really breathtaking pics!! I would feel like a princess just walking on the grounds of Lismore Castle!! (A girl can dream ;) Lol) Thank you for sharing the little details of the grounds and about the Castle! ^_^