Saturday, August 30, 2008

Knockmeldown TIpp side

This is another bridge on the Knockmealdown mountain range that runs the border of Tipperary and Waterford, this is on the Tip side of the mountain. Knockmealdown means Hill of Maoldomhnach. This bridge is on the decent from the Waterford side going into the village of Clogheen. There are a few hairpin turns with a hundred metre drop. This the other side of the bridge, my geography is not the best but from the direction I think the mountain range in the distance is the Galtee mountains. If you look at the earlier post of Tipperary there is a picture of the Glen of Aherlow taken from the other side of the Galtees.


Leisha Camden said...

Some really nice photos here. Thanks for sharing. :-)

gabrielle said...

i love the photographs...I am into photography only as a hobby but to be able to shoot such beautiful sights thanks for sharing.

abby shumer donner said...

Hi Paz,

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I will never serial kill you, that's for sure. Lovely pictures of Ireland. I say "lovely pictures of Ireland." with hesitation because I haven't been there and can't be 100 percent sure that they are indeed pic of Ireland.
Enjoy the greenery and I await your blog visit.