Saturday, August 30, 2008


guess where I landed again this week, not the worst place in the world to be
A shot of the valley going over the Vee, the Galtee mountains in the backround. The Bridge from the previous posting is at the bottom of the valley in the picture.
this is another shot taken beside the bridge again that should have gone up in the last post. This is the other side of the mountain on the Waterford side, this is near the lovely hotel there the Bracken house where I was based while working here.
This is another tributary of the Blackwater river, and is in the middle of a dense old wood. It is pretty cool to drive through it, then to go out on to the openness of the mountains.
A shot of the fog coming down the mountain, I liked the way the purple heather was on the ditch in front to frame it. this is another shot of the same mountain, further along the drive with the fog rolling down. I am not sure what this is but the next picture is directly opposite and has an alter in it, I dunno if this is where it got its name from according to one source it means Maoldomhnach's hill (lit., hill of the servant of the church) another says its the brown hill,

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