Thursday, August 14, 2008

pictures Galway & Clare

I must admit that I did not take all of these pictures, a colleague from Holland took two of these on a day trip that we took while working one Sunday.
This is Kilmacduagh monastery, it is a 5 minute drive from Gort in south Galway. It it is the ruin of a monastery from the middle ages. These were not just places of religion but were also colleges the most famous one is on the river Shannon. This is one that Rob took we got to it just at sunset.

As you see from this picture the tower is at an angle, these were used as a place of refuge from attack from the Normans and whomever decided to try to liberate the monks of their gold and prised possessions. the door was half way up the the tower and was gotten to by ladder that was withdrawn into the tower. Because of its round design it was able to withstand attack from battering ram.

These are the Cliffs of Moher taking one Sunday morning, where I went to clear my head after a tough night on the beer in Kenny's bar up the road in Lahinch. I liked the contrast of the cliffs in this picture more than the others that I have taken.

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