Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dunkellin River daybreak, Galway

As i am from Galway i started with a picture taken behind my home in Galway. This was taken at 5:30 in the morning with a Treo Palmphone so the quality is not brilliant. The three pillars that make the shadows across river are from an old footbridge, that was used in my great grandfathers time. It was also used to mark the division between town lands.


abby shumer donner said...

Please do track other serial killer soccer moms. It's gets lonely and I would love to have a top secret message board to post to at the least.

Beautiful pictures, Paz.

Dell Ray said...

Awesome pictures Paz.I look forward to visiting this site many times.

still working on it said...

hi paz,

I don't know where to comment exactly but I just want to say hello and that I appreciate you etc.

I've been dealing with something dreadful and blogging seems too trivial at this time. The other site is not ready I figure and soon I'm just going to come back here.

till then, take care lovely paz

Anonymous said...

i dig your shots, PAZ. A PLACE YOU MIGHT LIKE TO take pictures is Fethard, Tipperary.

Youghall is nice.

I love Shrule, Mayo.

MULRANNY, Mayo is beautiful...on way out to ACHILL.

Been to Ireland four times, which is a lot for a California boy.
Buncrana is nice. What about CIECIL FIELDS, Bundoran etc?
Matt McLaughlin
Santa Barbara, Calif

Paz said...

Glad you like the shots, I agree there are some other places that must be photographed, I have passed through all of the places that you have mentioned, but I am often in a hurry and hopefully I will be working in/near those places soon, so I get a chance to walk around and take decent pictures.

The Ex Farmer's Wife said...

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